Tyrone Van Stade

Tyrone possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management as well as a Professional Diploma in Business Analysis. His experience across industries where he has played various roles stands him in good stead to steer InSync Soccer School to new heights. Tyrone`s hands on approach and passion for networking will ensure exciting times ahead and will open new and exciting ventures for InSync Soccer School. Tyrone`s customer-centric approach will ensure that the customer is always at the forefront of anything that InSync Soccer School does!

Head of Marketing

Megan Lee Van Stade

Megan holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management and has broad marketing experience across various industries and believes the power of marketing principles can drive growth for any business, from small brands to large global brands. Megan believes that the key to growing any business is about putting the customer in the center of any business plan, and really extract key insights to better sell to them or offer new products that solves unmet needs.

Coach (Head of Fitness & Conditioning)

Rudy Oliver

Coach Rudy is a seasoned soccer professional and has coached both soccer and futsal teams. He is passionate about soccer and running and combines these two disciplines to great effect to maximize the players` ability on the field. Coach Rudy lives by the following words. Do not come into agreement with fear. Activate your faith, live in victory, speak over your life and expect great things to come your way.