Tyrone Van Stade

Tyrone possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management as well as a Professional Diploma in Business Analysis. His experience across industries where he has played various roles stands him in good stead to steer InSync Soccer School to new heights. Tyrone`s hands on approach and passion for networking will ensure exciting times ahead and will open new and exciting ventures for InSync Soccer School. Tyrone`s customer-centric approach will ensure that the customer is always at the forefront of anything that InSync Soccer School does!

Head of Marketing

Megan Lee Van Stade

Megan holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management and has broad marketing experience across various industries and believes the power of marketing principles can drive growth for any business, from small brands to large global brands. Megan believes that the key to growing any business is about putting the customer in the center of any business plan, and really extract key insights to better sell to them or offer new products that solves unmet needs.

Head Coach

Jessie Julius

Coach Jessie is a young and spirited soccer fanatic who loves the game and he is extremely passionate about football development. He is of the belief that football/sport is indeed the universal language that has the ability to unite our people both you and old. He works within the youth structures of Cape Town Spurs, formerly known as Ajax Cape Town and has been blessed to work with and learn from some of the best in the business. He believes that he is always a student of the game. always learning and equipping himself to help the youngsters at InSync Soccer School reach their full potential. Coach Jessie believes that with the right discipline and the right attitude, the sky is not the limit!!!

Senior Coach

Earl Michaels

Coach Earl is a seasoned soccer player that played in the 3rd division for Central AFC. He won the Coke Cup with Central AFC in 2011. He started his coaching career in 2011 where he coached both junior and senior teams. He is very passionate about helping young players get to the next level of their development and devotes his time to this. Coach Earl believes that Discipline, Dedication and Determination are the ingredients to development and continuous improvement!!!


Aden Jacobs

Coach Aden played for Highbury United at junior level. He played for Curro Bankenvelds at senior level. He currently is studying towards a Sports Management Diploma at Centurion Academy and has been coaching at Bellville City FC for the past 3 seasons. Coach Aden is enthusiastic and loves working with the youngsters and ensures that they have a safe environment which is conducive to growth and development. Coach Aden believes that kids learn through making mistakes and that it is okay to make a mistake!!!